Zoom Meetings & Audio Quality

1.) To join the ZOOM meeting connecting via your laptop BUT choosing PHONE CALL for choose ONE of the audio conference options. With this you'll use the laptop's camera to be seen but not the AUDIO from computer. You'd call in using your cell phone.

Here's some screenshots that may clarify:

After you choose PHONE CALL option, you then use your cell phone. On your cell phone dial the (646) phone number, input the MEETING ID then press #, then input the PARTICIPANT ID then press #. Press DONE on your computer screen. You should be perfectly heard and seen. You must choose the audio conference option when you first log in through your computer and then call in using your cell phone.


2.) Leave the meeting and come back in to the meeting (Like REBOOT but you are just coming out and back in). You as the host can leave the meeting by exiting with CONTINUE THE MEETING WITHOUT ME option. And then coming back into the meeting.